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Craven Miniatures is a family run business specializing in the manufacture of high quality designs of handmade giftware.  We attend various exhibitions in the North of England, although our main venue is at Hawes in the Yorkshire Dales.

Craven Miniatures was formed approximately forty years ago, originally as a hobby, but over the years it as gradually changed into a full time busines.  During this time changes have been made and from the original production of cuddly toys, rag dolls and miniature historical figures, we now specialize in original designs of unusual handmade gifts.


These include Lavender Bag Mice, lavender sachets and cushions, pre-decimal coin cards, special occasion cards, wedding giftware and Gift Box Crackers.

front picture Angels love A7 bride and groom sixpence A6 aanniversary sixpence gold cracker xmas red xmas cracker

The Christmas selection is available from September onwards

Christmas large and medium horseshoe


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